8 Wondrous Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt


Most people would probably be accustomed to regular salt which is whitish to brownish in color. Just a glimpse pinkish salt might be a strange at first but little did we know that it provides better health benefits than the regular one.

Origin of Himalayan Salt

The Himalayas which span 2400 kilometers across Asia is known to us as the tallest mountain range in the world. We often think of Mt. Everest but this is also where our glorious pink salt came from. Ages ago, the Himalayas was once s primordial sea which had a perfect ecosystem. By the movements of tectonic plates, the Himalayas were eventually formed which lead to the evaporation of the sea and forming crystallized salt beds. It"s now being mined from the mountains and brought to the market.

It"s claimed to be the purest form of salt and one of the best sources of natural elements from our earth. It contains 84 trace minerals which seems to be beneficial to our body. There is a heavy debate regarding its use and benefits however, a lot of people who have been using it for years testify it"s awesomeness.

Here are the wondrous benefits you could enjoy from Himalayan Pink Salt:

Naturally contains 84 trace minerals.

Detoxification. When dissolved in water, this pink salt becomes a  solution that helps to push out toxins out of the body.

Cramp Reliever. The magnesium in this salt helps relieve soreness and relaxes our muscles. Soaking in a warm bath infused with this pink delight can help sooth cramped muscles.

Air Purifier. A Himalayan Salt Lamp can be used to remove toxins from the air leaving it cleaner for you to breathe.

Clears Sinuses. Himalayan pink salt can clear up your sinuses by killing the bacteria. You can try to make it a saline solution or you can buy a special Himalayan salt inhaler.

A delectable treat from nature.

Lowers Blood Pressure.  Pink salt contains potassium which can help regulate blood pressure.

Improve Digestion. Because of the minerals in this pink salt, it can increase the ability of absorption of nutrients which lead to better digestion.

Balance pH Levels. Himalayan salt is alkaline which makes it a good antacid that can prevent occasions of heartburn.

Stronger Body. The trace mineral found in this pink salt can help maintain strong bones and improve blood circulation.

The Crux Of The Matter

Even though there are some doubts on the benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt, it won"t do any harm to try to ingest something that is natural and unprocessed. The idea of switching from table salt to this special pink salt is totally up to you.

Want something more exciting? Check out the video below of cooking on a slab of Himalayan Salt!

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